September Sales: Don’t Let the Numbers Fool You

ID-10045478-300x300Overall sales numbers were down for the month of September, but Autoblog’s By the Numbers claims that might not be a bad thing.

In September 2013, total sales were up for BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Group while Toyota, Nissan, and American Honda all saw a drop in total sales when compared to September 2012. As By the Numbers explains, however, the important numbers are not the total sales but rather the daily average sales rate. September 2012 had two more business days than September 2013, so the dealerships would have had to perform much better on their daily sales rate to top September 2012.

Out of the four automakers that had a drop in total sales, only two of those automakers had a drop in their daily average sales rate. Toyota Motor Company and Nissan actually had a small increase in their daily average sales rate in September 2013 compared to September 2012. American Honda and General Motors were the only companies that had a drop in daily average sales rates.

Going into the fall, it is going to be tougher to tap into the out-on-the-road excitement that car buyers have during the summertime. Kids are back to school, and people are settling into a daily routine and not immediately thinking of buying a new car. For dealerships that have a thriving special finance department, however, this is less of a concern. Customers with subprime credit are getting denied at dealerships every day, and many of them need a car for work or for their families. Dealerships with Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution are prepared to work with these customers and help them get into a new or used car, and even in slower times of the year, these dealerships can bring in higher sales.

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May Auto Sales Make Up for April Slump

In retrospect, April was a bit of a disappointing month overall for auto sales, especially compared to the rest of 2013 and late 2012. As the numbers come in from May, however, it is clear that this is going to mark a strong start to the summer.

Among the month’s winners were General Motors, who reported the best monthly sales since September 2008, as well as Nissan with its best May sales ever. According to early reports, Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota also had increased sales in May, but as of publication, those numbers are not finalized yet.

Going into the summer months, pickup sales are expected to continue rising. People are buying them for both business and pleasure, from home construction to camping and off-road recreation. The F-Series, Ram, and Chevy Silverado have all sold very well so far and are expected to see a healthy spike when May’s sales numbers are finalized.

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Auto Sales: April’s Big Winners

Now that April is done and the sales numbers are finalized, the auto industry is seeing that April might not have been as strong as March, but some automakers finished up April feeling very happy indeed.

Among the best performers in April were Nissan with 80,003 units, Ram with 32,124 units, and Ford with 204,969 units sold. Compared to 2012, they had volume increases of 24.62 percent, 49.38 percent, and 17.77 percent respectively.

Nissan NA was the highest performing automaker overall, however, with a 23.16 percent increase over April 2012. They also saw an 18.23 percent daily sales rate increase. Chrysler Group had Ram’s strong sales in their favor, but it was brought down by Chrysler’s disappointing numbers, only bringing in 27,836 compared to 31,879 in April 2012.

Going into May, dealerships will be enjoying some of the best weather they will have all year. Americans will be thinking about getting out of town, going to the beach, or hitting the road for summer vacation, and if they don’t have a road-ready car, they will need to get one soon. Plus, consumers are still figuring out how to spend their tax refund. With the right marketing push, dealerships could make a lot of money in May.

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Auto Industry: How Did Hurricane Sandy Affect Sales Numbers?

November is reaching an end, and auto industry analysts are looking back at Hurricane Sandy’s effect on sales in the final days of October and determining if there even was a negative or positive effect on sales numbers.

As surprising as it is, the industry as a whole still posted a very strong October, even as many dealerships had to close their doors for days or weeks. Sales from earlier in the month and from other areas of the country were strong enough to make October 2012 the best October since before the recession. Volkswagen posted a 22 percent year-over-year gain, and Chrysler, Toyota, and GM had 10 percent, 16 percent, and 5 percent gains respectively.

Industry analysts have estimated that the storm delayed tens of thousands of sales, which sounds like bad news at first. They predicted, however, that these auto sales will still happen in the coming months, and after the storm, there will be even more potential car buyers as many people are replacing their damaged or lost cars after the storm. In other words, the auto industry might have seen a short-term set-back with the storm, but it will not slow down the upward sales trend in 2012.

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September: Game Changer for 2012 Auto Sales

August was a strong month for auto sales, continuing the trend of upward sales that hasn’t let up in 2012. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all had significant bumps from August 2011 with anywhere from 10 percent to 25 percent increases in total sales. In September, however, sales strategies need to change for dealerships across the country as the new line-up rolls in and the used inventory, including the 2012 line-up, need to be moved off the lot.

September has already been called the best month to buy a used car by Time Magazine’s MoneyLand, and with high school and college students heading back to class, young drivers will be looking for an affordable first car. It is a time that dealerships have the potential to make a lot of sales on used cars, but since most dealerships will have their minds on the new car launches, they might miss out on these sales.

Here is where Special Finance Group can help and make sure a dealership makes the most of this extremely promising month. With the Complete Special Finance Solution, dealerships can move more of their used inventory without taking away time from the dealership’s other priorities. Special Finance Group’s call center is devoted to contacting potential customers, screening them based on information included on their application, and then setting up an appointment at the dealership. From there, two special finance experts will meet with these appointments, set them up with financing, and get them into a new or used car depending upon what they qualify for. Quite simply, the Complete Special Finance Solution helps dealerships move more inventory with less hassle.

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Auto Lending in High Demand as Market Improves

The economy really did a number on credit loans. According to an article on, just three years ago, during the height of our current economic recession, even someone who had a salary of $400,000 and a good credit score of more than 700 wouldn’t be able to walk out of a dealership with the financing for the car he wanted.

Michael Mosser is the general manager of Chevrolet and Cadillac stores in Ann Arbor, Mich. He added to the conversation, “The world is upside down compared to then. Today, somebody with a 500 credit score I can get approved and in a Malibu.”

Lenders were forced to cut back on extending credit when the collapse happened. This in turn was a driving factor for the reason why the major car companies, such as General Motors and Chrysler, saw sales that were the lowest they had seen in about 3 decades. It didn’t take long after that for both companies to file for bankruptcy.

As the economy improves however, so does the demand for cars. Due to this increase, bank lenders such as Bank of America and Capital One Financial Corp, are working to get car buyers approved fast and with great rates to keep up with the market. In the US, vehicle sales have risen 10 percent to 12.8 million last year. January turned out to be the one of the best sales month automakers have seen since the cash-for-clunkers program in 2009.

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American Auto Makers See Year-End Boost

As 2011 closed out and 2012 began, it was clear that the end is not near for Detroit automakers.

In 2011, sales for new cars, trucks, and crossovers jumped 10.2 percent, and Chrysler Group alone had 37 percent sales increase compared to December 2010. Chrysler wasn’t the only domestic auto company to see big sales, though. Ford and GM also posted high sales numbers for 2011 with a sales increase of 17 percent and 14 percent respectively.

The jump in sales can be attributed to two main factors. First, domestic auto makers have been stepping up their game and making their newer models even better. Chrysler Group and their Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram brands are great examples. Second, banks are becoming far more aggressive with their special finance programs. They want to help the millions of Americans who have challenged credit to get into a car. The trouble is that if someone has damaged credit, there is no way to rebuild it unless someone gives them the chance. Unless they have a credit card to make payments on or a car to pay off, there is no way to build up a positive payment history.

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