September Sales: Don’t Let the Numbers Fool You

ID-10045478-300x300Overall sales numbers were down for the month of September, but Autoblog’s By the Numbers claims that might not be a bad thing.

In September 2013, total sales were up for BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Group while Toyota, Nissan, and American Honda all saw a drop in total sales when compared to September 2012. As By the Numbers explains, however, the important numbers are not the total sales but rather the daily average sales rate. September 2012 had two more business days than September 2013, so the dealerships would have had to perform much better on their daily sales rate to top September 2012.

Out of the four automakers that had a drop in total sales, only two of those automakers had a drop in their daily average sales rate. Toyota Motor Company and Nissan actually had a small increase in their daily average sales rate in September 2013 compared to September 2012. American Honda and General Motors were the only companies that had a drop in daily average sales rates.

Going into the fall, it is going to be tougher to tap into the out-on-the-road excitement that car buyers have during the summertime. Kids are back to school, and people are settling into a daily routine and not immediately thinking of buying a new car. For dealerships that have a thriving special finance department, however, this is less of a concern. Customers with subprime credit are getting denied at dealerships every day, and many of them need a car for work or for their families. Dealerships with Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution are prepared to work with these customers and help them get into a new or used car, and even in slower times of the year, these dealerships can bring in higher sales.

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