Automakers Break Records with March 2013 Sales

After 2012′s record-breaking sales, it seemed like the auto industry would eventually hit its peak and plateau. Now that March is over, though, it hasn’t happened yet. For nearly every automaker, March 2013 sales were significantly higher than one year ago.

Cadillac saw the highest increase in volume of sales with a 49 percent increase compared to March 2012, but Ram and Dodge also did extremely well with 24 percent and 15 percent increases respectively. Ford was the top seller overall with 229,335 units, though it was on the lower end of sales increases with a 6.86 percent increase.

Going into April, dealerships across the country need to dive in and realize that they could see some of their best numbers in years this spring. Now that auto loans are more accessible than ever, even to consumers with poor credit, dealerships simply need to focus on getting car shoppers in the door. Americans are ready to buy, and with the right promotion and customer outreach, they are almost guaranteed to do well.

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American Auto Makers See Year-End Boost

As 2011 closed out and 2012 began, it was clear that the end is not near for Detroit automakers.

In 2011, sales for new cars, trucks, and crossovers jumped 10.2 percent, and Chrysler Group alone had 37 percent sales increase compared to December 2010. Chrysler wasn’t the only domestic auto company to see big sales, though. Ford and GM also posted high sales numbers for 2011 with a sales increase of 17 percent and 14 percent respectively.

The jump in sales can be attributed to two main factors. First, domestic auto makers have been stepping up their game and making their newer models even better. Chrysler Group and their Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram brands are great examples. Second, banks are becoming far more aggressive with their special finance programs. They want to help the millions of Americans who have challenged credit to get into a car. The trouble is that if someone has damaged credit, there is no way to rebuild it unless someone gives them the chance. Unless they have a credit card to make payments on or a car to pay off, there is no way to build up a positive payment history.

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