September: Game Changer for 2012 Auto Sales

August was a strong month for auto sales, continuing the trend of upward sales that hasn’t let up in 2012. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all had significant bumps from August 2011 with anywhere from 10 percent to 25 percent increases in total sales. In September, however, sales strategies need to change for dealerships across the country as the new line-up rolls in and the used inventory, including the 2012 line-up, need to be moved off the lot.

September has already been called the best month to buy a used car by Time Magazine’s MoneyLand, and with high school and college students heading back to class, young drivers will be looking for an affordable first car. It is a time that dealerships have the potential to make a lot of sales on used cars, but since most dealerships will have their minds on the new car launches, they might miss out on these sales.

Here is where Special Finance Group can help and make sure a dealership makes the most of this extremely promising month. With the Complete Special Finance Solution, dealerships can move more of their used inventory without taking away time from the dealership’s other priorities. Special Finance Group’s call center is devoted to contacting potential customers, screening them based on information included on their application, and then setting up an appointment at the dealership. From there, two special finance experts will meet with these appointments, set them up with financing, and get them into a new or used car depending upon what they qualify for. Quite simply, the Complete Special Finance Solution helps dealerships move more inventory with less hassle.

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