Analysts: Record Profits for Ford in First Quarter

Analysts at Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase & Co. are estimating that in the first quarter of 2013, Ford has posted its highest first quarter North American profit ever.

Ford earned approximately $2.7 billion pretax profit in North America since the beginning of the year, and if those numbers are correct, it will be a new personal record for Ford. Some analysts are attributing Ford’s overall success to the success of the Fusion and the Focus compact as well as a generally strong overall line-up. The first quarter has also been extremely positive for the pickup market with an increased demand for the Ford F-Series and higher overall sales for full-size pickup trucks.

As more numbers are finalized and verified for the first quarter of 2013, dealerships and automakers should be ready to respond and continue the momentum of the first quarter, particularly with pickup sales. Full-size pickups are in high demand again, and dealerships should be ready to meet that need.

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April Sales Forecast Great Year for Auto Dealerships

Hey, Auto Industry! Forget your troubles, come on and get happy!

Not that long ago, there was gloom whenever the auto industry was mentioned in the news. Stagnant sales plagued the industry, and pundits droned on and on about how the bailout failed. The past few months, however, have boosted morale across the auto industry and, pundits are eating their words and changing their tune on the effectiveness of the bailout. So far, the sales in 2012 have been fantastic, and they don’t show any sign of slowing down.

April was full of good news for sales. J.D. Power and Associates published a report showing that the volume of sales are expected to increase by 8 percent. This is great news because April will be the fourth month in a row with a positive upswing in sales for the car industry, and insiders know it is truly extraordinary because of how notorious April is for poor sales. John Humphrey, the senior vice president of global automotive operations at J.D. Power and Associates says, “While April is typically a challenging month to draw comparisons with because the Easter holiday some years falls in April and other years in March, the signs of sustained growth are evident.”

One of the most noted results on the report comes from the luxury vehicle sales. The industry as a whole is up 10.8 percent, but luxury vehicles are down 12.1 percent from the previous year. The speculation being made here is that with gas prices on the rise, the onslaught of powers are looking for sensibly priced vehicles. For example, cars such as the Ford Focus are becoming much more popular.

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Shoppers Flock to Fuel-Efficient Cars

Last month, the American auto industry continued its momentum into one of its strongest sales months in quite some time, shocking analysts, and the reason for its continued comeback might surprise you.

In the past few months, gas prices have been on the minds of millions of Americans with prices recently as high as $3.70 per gallon. High gas prices might seem like an odd reason for a surge in car buying, but when you consider that these car buyers are looking for more fuel-efficient cars that will cost less in the long run, it makes much more sense. During the month of February, 15.1 million vehicles were sold, and a good portion of those vehicles were compact cars like the Chrysler Fiat 500, the Ford Focus, and the Chevy Cruze.

The rising interest in fuel-efficient vehicles can be attributed to a more educated public (and thus a more educated first-time buyer) and long-time car owners getting fed up wasting money at the pump. Still, 15.1 million car sales in one month cannot be solely attributed to high gas prices, especially in a time when many people don’t have solid credit or money for a large down-payment, so what is driving car sales?

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