Shoppers Flock to Fuel-Efficient Cars

Last month, the American auto industry continued its momentum into one of its strongest sales months in quite some time, shocking analysts, and the reason for its continued comeback might surprise you.

In the past few months, gas prices have been on the minds of millions of Americans with prices recently as high as $3.70 per gallon. High gas prices might seem like an odd reason for a surge in car buying, but when you consider that these car buyers are looking for more fuel-efficient cars that will cost less in the long run, it makes much more sense. During the month of February, 15.1 million vehicles were sold, and a good portion of those vehicles were compact cars like the Chrysler Fiat 500, the Ford Focus, and the Chevy Cruze.

The rising interest in fuel-efficient vehicles can be attributed to a more educated public (and thus a more educated first-time buyer) and long-time car owners getting fed up wasting money at the pump. Still, 15.1 million car sales in one month cannot be solely attributed to high gas prices, especially in a time when many people don’t have solid credit or money for a large down-payment, so what is driving car sales?

According to industry analysts, credit availability is also improving, and with many dealerships offering special finance options, more and more consumers are able to afford a car. What Special Finance Group can offer to dealerships are cutting-edge ways to connect with new customers and get those customers into a car. From the quality customer service offered by their call centers to their extensive knowledge of new media and social networking, Special Finance Group consistently brings in new business to its associate car dealerships.

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