Adapting for an Internet-Age Car Buyer

ID-100184051The internet has changed the auto business fundamentally and irreversibly. Consumers aren’t going into dealerships anymore to shop for a car. 92 percent of Americans will research a car thoroughly before even walking into their local dealership, and they will come armed with reviews, the features they expect to get, and the price they expect to pay for the car. They know all about the cars on the lot as well as vehicles sold by competing brands.

How can dealerships adapt and brand themselves for a savvier consumer? The key to all of it is convenience. The reason why consumers go online to research cars instead of going around town for a lot of test drives is convenience. They want to take as few trips to dealerships as possible. If they can go to one place and take care of everything in one day, they will be more receptive. They will love it even more if they can simply fill out an online form and be directed to a dealership in their area waiting to help them.

Dealerships with Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution can offer that level of convenience to their customers. As part of Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution, dealerships get the advantage of a fully-staffed business development center which tracks internet leads, answers customer questions, and schedules appointments to stop by the dealership. With Special Finance Group, you can provide a new, more convenient way for customers to purchase a vehicle from your dealership.

If you are looking to move more inventory and boost foot traffic in your dealership, Special Finance Group is ready to assist you with their Complete Special Finance Solution. To learn more about what Special Finance Group can do for you, go to, and connect with Special Finance Group on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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From Online to On the Lot: An Easier Car Buying Experience

The internet has unquestionably changed the way we shop for cars. Customers start shopping long before they walk into a dealership, everything from researching makes and models online to reading dealership reviews on Google and Yelp. More than ever, car shoppers will walk into a dealership with a clear idea of the car they want and the price they want to pay.

A recent survey from Accenture shows, however, that car dealership websites are not effectively helping potential car buyers to move forward through the car buying process. Instead, 73 percent of respondents said that browsing dealership websites made them more likely to turn off the computer and use other sources in their car search.

Overall, the results of the study showed that car shoppers want to complete most of the work before they go into the dealership. They want dealerships to make the process from online researching to purchasing the vehicle in-person as seamless as possible, and they want consistent customer service every step of the way.

The great news is that with the help of Special Finance Group, any dealership can streamline their car buying process and give customers the seamless internet-to-dealership experience that they clearly want. Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution includes a dedicated website where car shoppers can fill out a secure online auto loan application and read glowing testimonials from real customers. Within 24 to 48 hours, the applicant is contacted by a representative and set up with an appointment at an associated dealership. It simplifies the car buying process, increases foot traffic in the dealership, and gives a nice boost to the parts and service department, and this is only one part of the Complete Special Finance Solution!

You can read more about the benefits of Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution by going to or connect with Special Finance Group on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Car Shopping for Credit Challenged Consumers Starts Online

When people need answers for anything nowadays, they instantly go to the internet. If you aren’t sure about something, you Google it. If you are picking out a restaurant, you check out reviews on Yelp. It only makes sense that Internet shopping and research has become a large part of the car shopping process even before someone sets foot in a car dealership.

A new study by Redshift Research shows that consumers are even more dependent on the internet during the beginning stages of car shopping than many in the industry believed. Over a third of consumers check out car dealerships’ websites and research car makes and models online, and 18 percent spend time on car manufacturers’ websites. Chris Green of, which sponsored the study, claims that engaging online customers is “the only way to win in this challenging market.”

While the study did not comment on sub-prime credit consumers, this target group is very likely to go to the internet first when looking for an auto loan. They know that they have poor credit, and they know that going to dealership after dealership and getting turned down will only serve to frustrate them and hurt their credit with numerous inquiries. By searching for dealerships willing to work with sub-prime clientele, they can cut down on their time hunting for a car and an auto loan.

The beauty of Special Finance Group is how they connect these online car shoppers with dealerships within their network, particularly customers with poor credit. Special Finance Group has a strong online presence through their website, their Facebook page, and numerous other social networking sites, and dealerships enrolled in Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution get connected with car shoppers ready and eager to buy, bringing in hundreds of thousands in additional sales.

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