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14 Old Haverstraw Road
Congers, NY 10920
Suite 245
Office: 877-217-2217
Our Guarantee
With Special Finance Group's Complete Special Finance Solution, we guarantee the integrity of every single deal we assemble. If any lender will not fund a contract on a vehicle we delivered to a customer because of our negligence, Special Finance Group will buy the contract or write a check for any loss associated with the recession concerning the specific deal. We value the dealerships that work with us, and we know that you will love working with us too!
Increased Profits
A well-run special finance department works like a franchise within a franchise. The special finance department will give customers more financing options and bring in an additional $100,000-$200,000 gross profit monthly with a 50 percent net profit. Plus, other departments like service and parts will get more business, and the showroom will get more traffic.
Multi Channel Lead Gen
At Special Finance Group, we know the best lead sources so you never need to worry about wasting money on poor leads. As a partner with Special Finance Group, your dealership will also have access to our leads which are generated through traditional and online advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.). We develop television and radio ad in collaboration with local production teams, and our print advertisements are created in-house by our marketing team.

Special Finance Group's original online content additionally targets potential customers with auto news, car buying tips, and advice on obtaining a subprime auto loan which is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and numerous other news and social networking sites. The ultimate goal of our online content is to engage potential customers, get them interested in the program, and turn that online engagement into real-life sales. For example, we use YouTube to post video testimonials of our customers with their vehicles, and from there, we share links to the testimonials on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other sharing sites and also use the videos for highly-effective Facebook advertisements.
Qualified Appointments
Once a telemarketer has made contact, the lead is qualified and the customer is set up for an appointment at the dealership. Special Finance Group literally brings customers in the door, customers who are excited and ready to buy.