Adapting for an Internet-Age Car Buyer

ID-100184051The internet has changed the auto business fundamentally and irreversibly. Consumers aren’t going into dealerships anymore to shop for a car. 92 percent of Americans will research a car thoroughly before even walking into their local dealership, and they will come armed with reviews, the features they expect to get, and the price they expect to pay for the car. They know all about the cars on the lot as well as vehicles sold by competing brands.

How can dealerships adapt and brand themselves for a savvier consumer? The key to all of it is convenience. The reason why consumers go online to research cars instead of going around town for a lot of test drives is convenience. They want to take as few trips to dealerships as possible. If they can go to one place and take care of everything in one day, they will be more receptive. They will love it even more if they can simply fill out an online form and be directed to a dealership in their area waiting to help them.

Dealerships with Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution can offer that level of convenience to their customers. As part of Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution, dealerships get the advantage of a fully-staffed business development center which tracks internet leads, answers customer questions, and schedules appointments to stop by the dealership. With Special Finance Group, you can provide a new, more convenient way for customers to purchase a vehicle from your dealership.

If you are looking to move more inventory and boost foot traffic in your dealership, Special Finance Group is ready to assist you with their Complete Special Finance Solution. To learn more about what Special Finance Group can do for you, go to, and connect with Special Finance Group on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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