Record-Breaking Months for Special Finance Group


New York, NY – April 13, 2012 – Special Finance Group celebrated record-breaking months in February and March after funding over $1.5 million and $2.2 million in auto loans.

In February, 91 customers were approved for loans through Special Finance Group’s Approved Loan Store program, and in March, 124 customers were approved. These customers had an average income of $27,000 per year and an average FICO score of 545. Despite their clients’ less than ideal financial situations, Approved Loan Store found a way to work with lenders and fund $3,740,978 in auto loans for February and March.

Special Finance Group and Approved Loan Store work with auto dealerships in the New York tri-state area to bring in additional business while also helping car shoppers obtain auto loans. Most Approved Loan Store customers have challenged credit and are unable to get approval for a car loan at their local dealership. With U.S. auto sales continuing to rise, car dealerships partnered with Special Finance Group will get to work with a wider range of car buyers and bring in higher sales and profits than their competitors, benefiting both customers and dealerships.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Special Finance Group helps connect qualifying customers with dealerships willing to work with them through their website also provides financial resources, educational materials, and the latest news from the auto lending industry, helping consumers make better informed financial decisions.

Rachel Godfrey
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