ABC News: Shop Loan First, Car Second

Car shoppers looking for the best deal are getting some interesting advice from ABC News: Worry about your financing before picking out the car.

According to a recent article from ABC News, consumers with an average or less-than-average credit score will benefit from searching for an auto loan first and keeping their options open on the vehicle. features editor and consumer advice expert Caroll Lachnit lent her advice to the piece and encouraged even people who had been turned down in the past to try again to get a car loan. Lachnit told ABC News, “(Even) consumers with poor credit are able to get back in the market.”

How does this news affect Special Finance Group and its network dealerships? Well, more consumers shopping for a new or used car will be looking for a dealership and lenders willing to work with them first and then thinking of the car second. Special Finance Group’s lead generator taps into these consumers, and from there, Special Finance Group’s highly-trained call center sets appointments for these customers at a network dealership. The result is that dealerships in the Special Finance Group network will all get more potential customers, bringing in thousands in additional revenue every month.

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