Inventory: The 4 Most Popular Car Colors

ID-100113840What are the most popular car colors in the United States, and how does that affect trade-in value? A new article from WardsAuto shed some light on the subject.

According to WardsAuto, the four most popular car colors are black, white, gray, and silver, and comparatively, cars that are not one of those four colors can be worth hundreds or even thousands less. The reason is because American car buyers see those four colors as standard, classic colors and universally appreciated. More people want to buy a black or silver car than a bright neon blue or green vehicle, and this opinion is so widely held that last year, 70 percent of vehicles built were black, white gray, or silver.

Why should dealerships pay attention to car color trends? First of all, customers who come in looking for a trade-in need to have the proper expectations. If they bought a car with a specialized color, they should not expect to get as much for the trade-in. Second, dealerships need to remember these standard colors when reviewing their used car inventory. The majority of people want to buy cars that are one of these four colors, so while it is fine to have the odd red, green, or blue car in the mix, it is safer to have these four colors in the majority.

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