Tax Returns = Higher Down Payments = Lower Interest Rates

Every new year brings with it many new things. Some of these things are resolutions like to get more sleep or to lost some weight. One thing that usually is forgotten from the start is that a new year is also time to do the taxes. Now is the time of the year where people start to send them in and will begin to receive their tax returns. Getting a tax return is also something to try to figure out what to do with.

According to an article in Yahoo Finance, the majority of people will be looking to pay off most of the debts they have accumulated throughout the year and in the holiday shopping season. There are some, however, that are looking for options. Many dealerships are keeping this in mind as they have begun to advertise just what intrepid buyers should do with the bundle of cash, use it for a down payment on a new car.

The lending climate of 2012 is starting to show an upswing. Improvements are starting to be seen as the economy starts to recover. Even with these conditions, however, sub-prime customers will still be expected to pay significant down payments. That’s definitely not a deal breaker at this point, though. The average tax return of 2011 was $2,913. That means that a perspective customer might be walking around with around $3,000. It is a great opportunity for dealerships to take advantage of encouraging a customer to come in to put a larger down payment towards the purchase of a new car. The difference between putting $1,000 down and $3,000 down can be about $50 a month.

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