When Disaster Strikes: Special Finance in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy just hit the New York/New Jersey area a little over a week ago, and dealerships are struggling with lower sales, customers who are displaced or strained financially, or just now getting their dealership’s power back on. The New York Times is predicting that the timing of the storm at the end of October could have long-reaching consequences for the auto industry. Even though it is tough to be optimistic in these times, though, pessimism cannot show through in your work. Here are a few tips for giving your customers a positive buying experience in the weeks following Hurricane Sandy.

  1. Get Back to Normal
    Strive to give your customers a normal, positive car buying experience. For most dealerships, business as usual will be a challenge in itself, but try to go that little bit above and beyond.
  2. Don’t Push Too Hard
    You are probably feeling antsy and want these customers to just buy a car already, and it is fine to feel that way. Many dealerships have been shut down since last Monday, over a week’s time, and you want to make up for lost time. Do not project those feeling to your customers. They will pick up on it and believe that you see them as merely walking, talking dollar signs.
  3. Be Patient
    Now, more than ever, you need to listen to customers, be patient with them, and show them respect. Treat them the way you want to be treated, especially if they can’t get approved. They took the time to come into your dealership, and they might still be recovering from the storm. Even if they don’t leave with a car, make sure they still walk out the door feeling good about the experience.

There is good news for dealerships that have Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution. Other special finance departments have had to divide their time between getting customers in the door and helping customers in the dealership, but Special Finance Group’s call center was scheduling appointments for their dealerships right away. Less than a week after the storm, we had customers ready to buy walking into our associated dealerships. In the aftermath of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, Special Finance Group’s Complete Special Finance Solution can make all the difference and put a dealership back on the path to normalcy.

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Image courtesy of basketman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net