NBC: Auto Industry Is “Little Engine That Could” In Recovering Economy

Looking at America’s current economic situation, there are many industries that are still struggling for a comeback, but one industry is thriving in 2012 and is literally driving the economy.

2012 has been a good year for the auto industry. Sales are up, delinquencies are down, and auto loans are more accessible than ever. NBC’s Bottom Line praised the auto industry’s success and high sales in the United States despite the challenges facing the industry, and they dubbed the auto industry the “little engine that could” referring to the famous children’s book character. In the book, a long train of cars needs to be pulled over a mountain, and all of the big engines complain and refuse to pull it. When no one steps up, a little engine volunteers for the job, even as everyone around him says he can’t pull the train over the mountain. In the end, he beats the odds, and his mantra “I-think-I-can” turns into “I-thought-I-could.”

While praise is encouraging and can push people to work harder, it is better to be a big dog than an underdog. It is better for people to always expect great things than to be surprised when a dealership posts big profits. Do you want people to look at your dealership and think, I think they can, or do you want them to think, Of course they can? Part of becoming a “big dog” is utilizing a dealership to its fullest potential, and Special Finance Group can help a dealership realize that potential. With the Complete Special Finance Solution, a dealership can move more inventory, serve more customers, and bring in more customers to every other department including parts and service.

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net