Subprime Loans Bring In High Profits for Car Dealerships, Low Delinquencies for Consumers

Lenders might have shied away from customers with poor credit in recent years, but sub-prime auto loans are proving to be a great idea for American car buyers and dealerships alike.

According to Fitch Ratings, the U.S. auto loan market is continuing to thrive and improve, even as lenders are approving sub-prime credit clientele. There were less charge-offs and 30-day delinquencies in the second quarter, and overall, lenders had extremely low credit losses. Besides that, car sales have kept going up through the summer and are expected to hit their height of the year in August before plateauing in autumn. Now more than ever, dealerships can get more car buyers approved and move more of their inventory out the door, raking in massive profits.

Dealerships across the country are putting more time and money into their special finance department, but there is a downside to all of it. Unfortunately, many salespeople are spending their time calling auto loan leads and trying to get people in the door than they are actually selling cars. This is where Special Finance Group comes in. Special Finance Group supplements a dealership’s special finance department and gives the dealership more time to sell and less hassle getting people in the door. Dealerships in the Special Finance Group network have access to a call center that turns leads into car loan appointments as well as their own auto loan leads and targeted online advertising.

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