Changes Over at Hyundai and What Dealerships Can Learn From It

ID-10088888It might seem like common sense, but the auto industry is realizing that not every customer that walks into a dealership is a prime credit customer or a repo waiting to happen. Sometimes, customers fall in the middle, and the industry can do more to help customers struggling to make their payments on time.

In a recent profile with Wards Auto, Hyundai Capital America walked through the steps they have taken to better serve their subprime customers who might be struggling with their payments. First, they needed to look at the people calling into their customer service center, their most common issues, and how customer service people were currently addressing these issues. They realized very quickly that their systems were inadequate for addressing customer concerns. Customers that could have received a loan extension might have missed out on the opportunity because service representatives had to get approval from their managers on every case. They would need to make some major changes if they expected to improve the customer experience and avoid potential delinquencies and repossessions.

Fortunately, Hyundai added a new software system to their rep’s computers. The rep could check if the customer’s payment history and whether they had received an extension before. While these reps still didn’t have the final say on granting extensions, the system walked the rep through the process and provided considerably more information on the customer than before.

When dealing with sub-prime credit car buyers, there are many little details that dealerships have to keep in mind when working and closing a deal, and dealerships that are new to special finance can miss these details easily. Fortunately, Special Finance Group is ready to help with the Complete Special Finance Solution. Lead tracking, a fully-staffed business development center, an in-house marketing team, and more, Special Finance Group has everything a dealership needs to create a profitable special finance department. To learn more about the Complete Special Finance Solution, click here.

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2013: Reviewing Your Dealership’s Resolutions for the New Year

2012 was an outstanding year for the auto industry with strong sales numbers despite setbacks like Hurricane Sandy. Every dealership across America had the potential for their best year since the start of the recession. The question is, though, how did your dealership perform?

Looking back at the goals your dealership set for 2012, how close did you come to meeting those goals? More importantly, did you do everything you could in order to meet those goals? Many dealerships aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities right in front of them such as an efficient special finance department. A well-run special finance department alone can bring in additional business. Not only will the dealership sell more cars, they will also bring in more business for the normal sales and service/parts department.

What about dealerships that already have a special finance department? Well, if a special finance department isn’t running properly, there is almost no point in having one. Look at your dealership’s special finance department if you have one, and ask yourself if there is room for improvement. Is there a steady stream of customers coming in the door, or are you slogging through sub-par leads hoping to find some real customers?

Fortunately, Special Finance Group has Complete Special Finance Solutions suited for dealerships that currently have a special finance department and those who do not have a special finance department. With Special Finance Group, partner dealerships get a fully-staffed business development center which tracks all leads and advertising, sets appointments for potential customers, and manage general customer service. Additionally, partner dealerships will have two special finance experts at their location to manage all in-house operations, and Special Finance Group hosts monthly meetings to review dealership performance and educate reps about the latest consumer laws to maintain compliance.

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Call Centers Aid Dealership Come-Back

Everyone suffered when the economy collapsed, but dealerships felt the brunt of it harder than most. The car industry was dealt a heavy blow and it took the government stepping in to bail them out.

Since then, the economy has turned around, and so has the auto industry. 2011 turned out to be a fantastic year for sales, with January and February continuing this trend. Dealerships have been brought back from the brink and are now being taxed with keeping up with the increase in demand. The question exactly what steps are needed to get back to the level they were at before the recession.

A recent post on says that answer lies in the call center. It’s hard not to see why considering the help they can supply. For example, callers that hang up on hold or go to voice mail get reduced by 26%. There’s an increase from 29% to 55% in connected sales calls. Service appointment rates on inbound calls go from 45% to 65% Best of all, follow up of calls for people who haven’t made appointments doubles from 20% to 40% with a call center.

Still, in order to get such a positive response from a call center, it takes more than just people calling on telephones all day. It takes the highest quality people making the phone calls, making good impressions on customers to keep not just new, but also old clients from leaving.

That’s where Special Finance Group agrees. In order to get the best results you need the best employees on staff. The SFG staff strive everyday to overcome negative stereotypes typical to the call center environment. With an operations manager who has over 21 years of experience in customer contact solutions and an experienced sales staff, SFG offers only the best in call centers. Sign up today to see just how much they can improve your dealerships special finance department. Go online for more information or call today 212-239-7270. Be sure to follow on Facebook for all the latest news.

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