Sub Prime Marketing Experiencing Lending Boom

Just a few years ago, having some bad dings on a credit report would have made getting something like a credit card or even an auto loan an impossibility. That was then, but things are starting to change. With the recession on the rebound, lenders are starting to eye ball the very people they turned away just a few years prior.

Equifax has released a new report called the “National Consumer Credit Trends.” This report shows that new credit issued to consumers grew more than 10% to $782 billion. This was really due in part to the subprime borrowers. There has been significant growth in the amount being loaned out to that sector. Banks are starting to see that there is real money to be made here and their lending habits are reflective of this.

A lot of this is due to the banks realizing that the recession set many people back, the same people that are now paying back their loans. Amy Cutts, Equifax’s Chief Economist, says that, “Subprime today is not the same that it was five years ago. There are a lot of borrowers out there that have some pretty big blemishes now on their records” but “are in a better position than the ones we lent to a few years ago.”

People who were being denied loans are now starting to find themselves at an advantage. Every dealership should be definitely looking to capitalize on this opportunity. Special Finance Group is here to aid dealerships. To read more about how our Complete Special Finance Solution and see how it can do to help your dealership, take a look here. Be sure to like us on Facebook, that way you can see the latest trends in the industry and just how SFG can assist you.

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