Credit, Auto Sales Top Last Year’s Customer Complaints

What are the two biggest customer complaints of last year? One might guess landlord disputes, billing issues, or false advertising, but in actuality, customers’ top complaints were regarding car sales/repairs and credit/lending problems.

Car dealerships, especially those dealing with subprime auto loans, should be concerned about these complaints. After all, their day-to-day work encompasses both credit and auto sales. They are extremely vulnerable to customer complaints, even if they are doing a great job.

Why do customers complain more about car sales and credit-related issues? Well, our culture has been hardened and skeptical of car salesman, and time and again the credit reporting industry has confused consumers and punished them for not understanding their credit health. People come into a dealership with ammunition, ready to go to battle with the sales person, and if they don’t get a premium interest rate, they sometimes take it personally. Why don’t they deserve a better rate? Why can’t they get the car they want? Will they ever have the chance to rebuild their credit history?

Dealerships in the Special Finance Group network have a definite advantage over other dealerships when it comes to subprime auto loans. First, Special Finance Group dealerships don’t have to spend hours every day calling leads and trying to get customers in the door. Instead, Special Finance Group’s call center contacts those leads and schedules appointments for potential customers. From the start, the customer feels like a priority before they even step in the door. The Special Finance Group representative builds a sense of excitement for the appointment, and rather than waiting around for a salesperson to notice them, the customer can go to their scheduled appointment and get on with their day. It makes the process easier and more pleasant for the customer, and it is more likely that the customer will have a positive experience buying a car, even if they have poor credit or no credit.

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