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Our Guarantee
With Special Finance Group's Complete Special Finance Solution, we guarantee the integrity of every single deal we assemble. If any lender will not fund a contract on a vehicle we delivered to a customer because of our negligence, Special Finance Group will buy the contract or write a check for any loss associated with the recession concerning the specific deal. We value the dealerships that work with us, and we know that you will love working with us too!
Why Special Finance?
There's a Piece of
the pie missing

Every day is full of opportunities. Every day, you have the chance to bring in new customers, close more sales, and make your dealership more profitable. Unfortunately, most dealerships miss opportunities. They throw away money on ineffective advertising that doesn't translate into leads, and they waste time retraining telemarketers when they could be working with customers. Special Finance Group cuts through the mess and gives dealerships the chance to grab hold of those opportunities. We have many testimonials and success stories from our clients and we are confident to say that our Complete Special Finance Solution is tested and proven to generate more quality sales than any of our competitors, giving you the tools you need to succeed
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